M+G partners with the nationwide investor survey for the 12th time

The Association of Individual Investors has published the results of the 20th Nationwide Investor Survey, the largest study used to create a profile of Polish retail investors. M+G is a partner of the survey for the 12th year.

The Nationwide Investor Survey provides a closer look at Polish investors, gathering basic information about the investors themselves as well as their investment strategies.

The most important news to be gleaned from the latest edition of the study is that Polish investors have opened up more strongly to investing their funds abroad. This is shown by the figures on shares they hold in foreign companies as well as exchange-traded funds listed elsewhere than the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Meanwhile, in a demanding year, bonds (particularly Treasury bonds) and precious metals rose as a percentage of the portfolio of the average retail investor, and a portion of their funds were moved into bank deposits. A majority of investors said that the biggest weaknesses of the Polish capital market are the negative impact of politics and the tax on capital gains.

What assets do Polish investors invest in?

Source: Association of Individual Investors (SII)

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M+G partners with the nationwide investor survey for the 12th time