A good speech exhausts the topic,
but not the audience.

Winston Churchill



Our training services cover: 

  • Media contacts;
  • Public speaking;
  • Reporting obligations of listed companies.

The aim of the first two types of training is to prepare members of the management board and heads of the company’s investor relations and public relations divisions for communicating with the media and, through the media, reaching the broader market. 

Training is conducted in the form of workshops, based on practical application of the skills acquired during the sessions. The scope of training is tailored in each instance to suit the Client’s individual needs. Workshop leaders are distinguished specialists with many years of experience, whose knowledge and skilfully conducted training are highly valued by our Clients. 

Training on reporting obligations of listed companies is designed to systematize and update the knowledge of investor relations personnel. Presentation of the legal aspects of this issue is supplemented by practical exercises in the form of drafting stock market reports in compliance with the formal regulatory requirements.