Make things as simple as possible,
but not simpler.

Albert Einstein

Corporate PR

Communications initiatives in the PR field are focused around building and reinforcing the positive image of the organization and its good reputation in the market environment. 

The fundamental tool for realizing these goals is effectively reaching the broader public with an appropriate media message about the company and positioning the managers as recognized experts.

The comprehensive range of services we offer in this process include:

  • Audit of the existing image of the company;
  • Development of corporate communications strategy;
  • Full range of media contacts, including comprehensive operation of press office, organizing press conferences, drafting and distribution of press releases and expert commentaries;
  • Drafting content of the organization’s website;
  • Drafting corporate informational and promotional materials – annual reports, brochures, folders, presentations, film clips etc.;
  • Support for the company’s international communications.